Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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Bio: Alida Thorpe
My camera has always been required gear for my journey through life. I love being outdoors and being a participant in my natural surroundings. My other pursuits of boating, beaching, fly-fishing, scuba-diving and traveling fit perfectly with my love of photography.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and moved to Long Island as a young adult.
Since my retirement from a lengthy career in education, I have been able to devote more time to my photography.

Long Island has so many beautiful beaches and parks with abundant wildlife. It’s just a wonderful place for taking photos! I enjoy sharing my images on the web which are of Long Island, New York City, as well as my international travel adventures.
In the last few years, Florida has become my full time residence.
I love where I live!
Like my location in New York, my Florida location is on the water.

Feel free to visit my web sites. You can see more of my work here:

Hope you enjoy your visit to my photo galleries!

My photos are copyrighted and permission is required for use or reproduction. See my site, http://www.alidathorpe.com/ for purchase information and to contact me via email.
Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alida,
Cool picture! I love your sight. I'll check in periodically to see your new stuff!
Have a happy holiday,
Linda Nakamura (Grand Jury)

Zainudin Meon said...

I like your pictures.

Alida Thorpe said...

Thank you!

RennyBA said...

Great blog with beautiful pictures Alida. Thanks for sharing and please keep up the good work :-)

cooling said...

whohoo scuba-diving
I love it! ;-)

(and I really enjoy your blog! lol)

sayvillelady said...

Hi Alida,
I Love your site!
Blogger is great but, I am having great difficulty creating my site.
Hope you can sometime stop into "Dockside Outfitters" again and maybe give me some pointers?

Anonymous said...

all of these pictures are very beautiful! good work!..my name is alida too:)

Anonymous said...

radical website!! i love scuba diving soo much!!
^(^.^)^ <(^.^)^ ^(^.^)>

also dancing lol

Anonymous said...

Cool wibsite u have...

^(^.^)^ <(^.^)^ ^(^.^)>

Anonymous said...

Hey Alida,

Just Googled your name and stumbled upon your photos. They are beautiful and you are quite talented.

I have not gotten any further on my Castorano family research. Time flies and life has kept me busy. If you would like to email me my new address is pjmdavis@gmail.com.

Take care!
Paula Castorano Davis
Your "cousin" in Columbus

Kimmberly said...

Seriously, your pictures are incredible. I love waking up in the morning, logging on and taking a gander at yours (and Mr. T's) pictures. There are soooo many! It's like an amazing endless slideshow that I don't get tired of looking at. What an extraordinary talent you have been blessed with.

tomato said...
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tomato said...

Hey there, love the picture! scuba diving is awesome. I stumbled upon your page because of that vox magazine picture. My mom grew up in East Hampton. If you get the chance would you mind e-mailing me stomasso5@yahoo.com, I have been looking for the spring 2008 issue everywhere and you really might be able to help me. thank you!

Unknown said...


I came across your pictures whilst searching for Bonaire NA images on Google. I have to say that I have never left posts on anyones website before but I just had to with yours! You have taken some absolutely beautiful photographs, and not only that, having just a quick scan through your profile I find your outlook on life inspirational. Thank you for making my day .........I will definitely be bookmarking this site!