Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Robins' Nest

A nest of American Robins right on my patio!
What could be more interesting while relaxing in the backyard?
Each time the parents come into the tree to feed the babies, they chirp like crazy, and stop when the parents leave.
In only a few days they are grown.
It all happens so fast. Life is like that, isn't it.

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Pat Dowd said...

I found my way to your blogspot from the Long Island blogspot and I have been enjoying your photographs.

I grew up in Levittown and can't think of a nicer place to do so. I moved away after college, though, to follow a career away from New York City. Virginia Beach is not Long Island but it has its moments. I often quote a friend who once said, "Most people work all their lives so they can retire to a place like this, and I live here!" Long Island is too expensive to retire to but your photographs sure make it look appealing. Thanks!