Friday, June 29, 2007

Busy Week...

Ferry leaving Patchogue River
There is new construction and a plan for revitalization of the river.
This ferry is on its way to Watch Hill!

The Element of reflects and ripples...


Just another sunset, but who can look away?


The Jedediah Hawkins Inn in Jamesport...

A completely renovated and lovely mansion that serves lunch and dinner, caters parties, and has rooms for guests.

It is a must see for anyone who is traveling out east.


train tracks

On the tracks....
I know I have been very neglectful lately, not posting here daily like I use to do.
Well, there are no excuses; I've just been busy.
With what, you ask?
It seems that photography, Photoshop, the web, and my contacts in the cyber-community have taken all my free time!
I spend free time taking photos, then working with them on the computer in Photoshop.
I post to my Flickr and PBase accounts first, daily.
But there are even more groups and sites where I am a member.
Check my sidebar! -->
Each site has people I've gotten to know (contacts) and discussion groups (forums) where we talk about everything! Everything and anything...I'm addicted!
I get involved, answer some questions or give my opinion....and there! The time passes too quickly.
I rarely read a novel anymore. My current reading material is all about photography and Photoshop (the digital darkroom).
So, here I am posting after almost one week.
It's not a complaint, just an apology to those friends and family members out there who were hoping for something good to read and an interesting photo or two.
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Special Fire Island Tour

The Watch Hill boardwalk, over the marsh land, is a special part of the Fire Island National Seashore.

A tour of Fire Island had a pass by the Fire Island Lighthouse. The strong winds on Friday prevented the ferry from docking here.


I was invited on a special tour of Fire Island. My husband and I often go there and didn't necessarily need a tour, but this one was special.

It was organized by the National Seashore Parks Department and was basically a public relations event to encourage use of the beautiful parks we have here on Long Island.

I was invited as a member of the NWPLI (see my sidebar), but other groups attending were the Friends of Fire Island, and the Lighthouse Preservation Committee. We were met by the Superintendent and representatives of the Planning Committee.

Our ferry stopped at Barrett Beach, Sunken Forest and Watch Hill, all beautiful areas that are open to all people. Since it is National, the parks are not limited to residents of individual towns.

I am not the person who needs encouragment to use the parks. We take our boat over to Fire Island from April through November. Most days we have the beach to ourselves, and love it.

If you have not been there, please go.

You can take a ferry from Sayville to reach Sunken Forest, with it's many trails through the sand dunes. There is a marina and ocean life guards and a snack bar.

You can take a ferry from Patchoque to Watch Hill. There, you can also walk through the trails, sit on the beach, or camp overnight (reservations needed). There is also a restaurant and snack bar in additon to shower facilities and marina.

Yes, you should visit our National Seashore this summer.

It is your park! Go!

Click here for more information.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beautiful Weather

A canoe trip along the Fire Island shore of the Great South Bay,
is the perfect, healthy way to spend a day of good weather.
There is plenty to do here on Long Island, if you take the time to plan.
This shot was taken from a boat while a family was paddling along the shore.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Playing on the River

Sunset on the river, from a "jon boat"

The fragmities light up from the setting sun...
Our new toy, a jon boat, is a small row boat with a relatively flat bottom.
It's perfect for rowing up the river, since the water is so shallow at the north end.
It is always an adventure since the wildlife will surprise us everytime.
See the photos below for the swan nest and friendly puppy, both taken from the jon boat.
Did I mention I love Long Island?
  • Don't forget to click on each photo to see a larger version!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Looking Up

Do you look to the sky when you go into the city? I do!

I know I look like a total tourist....well, maybe I am one.

After all, I don't live in Manhattan. I visit!

Funny though, I don't feel like a tourist.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn and often, very often, as a teenager, and even pre-teen, took the subway into "the city."
Goodness, I took the elevated train to High School even!

I feel so connected and at home there and not like an outsider.

I still look up to take photos of the amazing buildings I see.
New buildings go up each year. Just Amazing!

Above is a photo of the Chyrsler Building.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chrysler Building, New York City


A trip into Manhattan this weekend took us to the midtown east area.

I always find the Chrysler Building to be so interesting and beautiful in its art deco way.

It is right across from Grand Central Station...another wonderful piece of architecture!


Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge and see details!


Friday, June 08, 2007

new row boat...the "jon boat"

We replaced our little canoe with a new row boat. Why?
Well, the canoe was getting a little worn on the bottom and we felt it wasn't safe enough to paddle up the river with our cameras.
(You know our life is centered around our picture-taking!)
What we bought is called a "jon boat." It's not cute or attractive, but it is sturdy, wide, flat-bottomed and very functional. Perfect for taking photos on the shallow river.
Here are two photos of what we saw on the first, "splash down" cruise:

A swan was huge! The nest seemed to be guarded by two geese. ???

The neighbors dog....cute little puppy who loves to jump into the water and swim after the ducks. Also...????

Anyway, it was a wonderful, first cruise!


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

the grandchildren

Connor, age 4, at the Brewers baseball game in Miller Park

Christian, age 8, on the backyard swing set


Our visit was wonderful......two little boys to entertain and share games and stories.

As I was getting into the car for the return trip, Connor took my hand and said,

"Grandma, don't go!"

That one comment made the visit spectacular!


Visit to Wisconsin

Miller Park Stadium in Wisconsin
We went to Wisconsin to visit my husband's son and family. Got to see the two adorable grandchildren.....always a treat.
While there, we attended a Brewers baseball game. Fun visit!