Monday, September 24, 2007

fishing on the Great South Bay

We went fishing the other night, and watched the sun go down.
Fishing to me is not just the activity of catching some fish.
In fact, we caught a King Fish and a Sea Bass, which we ate for dinner.
I then went to the farm stand and got some fresh corn and local tomatoes, a head of Boston Red Leaf lettuce....all picked fresh off the farm.
A real farm fresh dinner with fish from the bay! To me, a perfect dinner!
I really enjoy the time on the water...the feel and smell of the salt air...the connection to nature.
Birds flying overhead. Fishing jumping. The sunset.
The Great South Bay in September is practically empty of pleasure boats.
The only boats out there are sport fisherman or sailors.
No crowds or boat traffic.
Just me and nature!
I love it! And I love Long Island for those reasons!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bayport Beach

Not technically the greatest shot, but I like how the birds enjoy a perch, regardless of where they are.
Fire Island is the distant shore.

Cherry Grove

The Cherry Grove Fire Department.
Cute, huh?
Tiny vehichle for tiny walkways.
And two firemen who look like they are enjoying the attention!

Gull of Fire Island

Sometimes when we anchor the boat to just relax and enjoy the sunshine.....and to smell and enjoy the movement of the water, we have visitors.
There will inevitably be a gull or two sitting behind the boat.
Maybe they hope we will throw them a crumb or two. A pretzel? Something!
I hate to disappoint them but if I throw one item, one crumb, a whole flock of gulls will arrive.
Not a good idea!

Fire island Ferries

It seems that more and more ferries are leaving the river. We are always behind one or trying to keep ahead of one as we leave for Fire Island.
Why the increase? I can't figure it out.
Maybe it's just a larger population living on Long Island or Fire Island is just more popular than I remember.

Friday, September 14, 2007

More Photos of Coney Island, Brooklyn

Fishing with nets off the Coney Island Pier

Early morning walkers


Looking east, early Sunday morning


Monday, September 10, 2007

Coney Island

I went to Coney Island yesterday to take photos and document the changing scene.
The Coney Island area has been sold to a big developer who is planning a major change.
There are now empty fields waiting for develpment.
It does need change for sure, and updating, but many people are not happy.
A major part of Astroland will be removed.
The old Parachute Jump as well as the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel will remain as landmark symbols and for the amusement of the boardwalk visitors.
Almost everything else will go.
I must say, I did enjoy my visit there.
You have to understand, that I was born and raised in Brooklyn.
I moved to Long Island as a young adult so I could raise my children in a "better" environment. (Well, that's another debate.)
I have wonderful memories of Coney Island, the rides, Steeplechase and Nathan's.
It was a family activity, mini-one-day-vacations, that could be affordable to just about everyone.
Anyway, my husband and I went to Coney Island early Sunday morning, before the traffic and the crowds was wonderful!
First of all, the light for photography, is much better in the early hours.
Nice long shadows and a warm color cast makes for better photos!
I hope I got some good shots. :-)
But the best thing about the morning trip was the people!
The pier was lined with families and old men, fishing.
There were few people on the beach, jogging or walking on the sand as well as the boardwalk.
I spoke to a few people...You grow up in Brooklyn and that's natural.
Well, most of the people I spoke with could not speak English....and they were all there together, getting along like one big community.
I heard so many different languages.
It was really great to see!
They were friendly, and tried to understand me and answer my questions.
I wanted to know what kind of fish they catch. What bait? You know the usual fisherman questions.
We then went to Nathan's for a famous hotdog. Now, I haven't eaten a hotdog in ten years.
The thought of eating ground-up animal parts just doesn't tempt me.
But, I had a Nathan's hotdog and it was the best one I ever had! With saurkraut and mustard!
It brought back all the old memories of standing at the window eating hot-dogs with my brothers and sisters and parents.
I'm sorry to see Astroland go but I know that New York is a great city and the main reason it is so wonderful is the people.
So, if you ever went there as a child, take a ride. Go back to visit!
Go, as I did, on a Sunday, when families are there and you can park almost anywhere.
Check out the empty fields that will be developed in the near future.
Don't wait too long, it will soon change.
I am still processing my Coney Island photos but you can see my gallery on Flickr.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Square Format

The photo above, Montauk Fishing Fleet, has been cropped to a square format.
It seems to be the current trend. Check out the frame department at your local shop.
Square frames are the rage!
Why is this important to me and other photographers?
Well, the camera doesn't shoot square, unless it is one of the special cameras.
Some older camera shoot square, like the old box cameras, but that's another era.
Today's digital camera shoot to a ratio of 2:3.
So they enlarge to 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24....well, you get the idea.
So, what's the big deal?
The ends get cut off!
And sometimes, important detail and composition disappear.
Just thought I'd mention that since I am struggling to crop some of my older photos to be square.
What end do I cut? How does it look with more sky or more ground or sea?
How will the resolution be compromised?
Will it print as well?
Hmm, I'll just have to work on that and I'll keep you posted!
See the original below...
If you have an opinion about this, please leave a comment!
I read them all and I'd like to know what you think!
Montauk Fishing Fleet
original composition

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sissy!

When she calls me on the phone and leaves a message, she says, in her playful, cheerful voice, "It's me, Sissy Linda!"
My sister Linda and she's having a birthday.
Well, she always makes me smile....always.
She is happy and funny and has arrived at the
big -5-0-!
You would never know it.
She looks under 40 and her activity level is like a 20 year old.
My "Sissy Linda" never stops!
With a smile, she is kind, thoughtful, generous, and makes people feel welcome and important.
Everyone loves her.
What else can I say?
If I listed all of her positive qualities, I could write pages, and she would be embarrassed.
She's the perfect sister, a true friend, my best friend.
Happy Birthday Linda!
May you have 50 more years of good health and happiness.
You deserve that and more.

The Morton National Wildlife Refuge


Elizabeth A. Morton National Wildlife Refuge

Sag Harbor, Long Island, NY

You can feed the chickadees sunflower seeds, by hand!


One last time....

Flo's outdoor luncheonette
Soon to be closing for the season! It's a hit with the neighborhood and the local beach crowd.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Where did the summer go?

Signs of summer are slowly leaving the scene.
Labor Day weekend and everyone is asking, "Where did the summer go?"
We ate at Flo's of our favorite summer's activities.
Located in Blue Point, it has excellent sandwiches and quick lunch and snack foods.
And.....Don't forget the ice cream!
There is a certain sadness each Labor Day, that creeps into my mood. I can't always identify the exact moment, but I do know that suddenly I'm sad and it happens every year.
I just love, LOVE, summer and I'm reluctant to see it go!