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our visitors by Alida's Photos
our visitors, a photo by Alida's Photos on Flickr.

The lamb and goat story...

On Wednesday, we were visited by a small lamb and goat. Thinking they just wandered from a neighbor's yard (some homes here are on one acre or more), we sent them back into the direction from where they came. Two hours later a Suffolk County police officer knocked on the door, looking for a lamb and goat. We told him that we saw the animals but they were no longer here.
An hour later, the goat and lamb returned. I called the police to inform them and the police sent three cars and three officers, one with the SPCA division. This was about 3pm on Wednesday. The men used our patio furniture to contain the animals in one area of the yard, near the canal, to limit their wandering.
They tried to find the owners of the animals with no success.
My husband and I had to leave by 7pm, so we left the two animals and three officers and a pile of patio chairs next to the canal in our back yard.
We returned at 9pm only to find the animals on our driveway, no police or SPCA, and a missing chair. Where could the chair be? In the canal of course!
Apparently, having no way to remove the animals and nowhere to place them, the officers left. The animals stayed and pushed their way out, sending one of our patio chairs into the water.

Next morning, the animals, still very comfortable in my yard, were eating my annuals and shrubbery. I called the SPCA again. After answering 20 questions from someone who obviously didn't know what I'm talking about, they eventually call me back and explained the situation. They cannot take the animals. There is no placement for them, and according to the lieutenant "...they called every farm, petting zoo and animal rescue group on Long Island and no one can take these farm animals..." I will just have to wait.

Friday morning, the cute little goat and lamb are still here. (We are becoming attached to them, honestly, but still don't want them here.) No calls from the police or SPCA either. I make, what happens to be, my last call to the SPCA. I answer another 20 questions and I'm told they will call me back.
I never get a return call. The SPCA and/or the police never returned my call!

By the end of the day, realizing I was on my own and there would be no help from a government agency, I start calling my animal-loving friends. Our friend Gail knows of a group, the Double D Bar Ranch. They rescue farm animals. We call them and in about one hour, they travel from Manorville to Bayport and pick up the animals. No problem!
Check out their web site.
Rich and Gay Devoe came and gently captured the animals with their bare hands.
Placed them into the back of an SUV and drove away!

The Double D Bar Ranch was set up to provide homes for prior abused or unwanted farm animals. This Is a Non-profit Organization 501 (c) (3) Approved. (All Donations Are Tax Deductible and All Funds Received go to the Animals. No Salaries or Administration Fees Are Taken, according to their web site.)
They are located at:

344 Wading River Road
Manorville, NY 11949-3444
Phone (631) 878-4106
Fax (631) 874-4024
Cell (631) 513-6828

I am writing about this and posting this to make everyone aware of these generous animal-caring people.
I want to thank them for responding so quickly and taking the animals in a loving and gentle way.
Thank you Rich and Gay!
If you'd like to help them, check out their website.
Read the stories and contribute a donation or volunteer to help!

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