Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom, Lillian, 1943 by Alida's Photos
My mom, Lillian, 1943, a photo by Alida's Photos on Flickr.
My mom, Lillian, 1943
A remarkable woman.

I've been organizing photos and cleaning off my computer of un-needed files.
Some photos I cannot delete. This of course, is one of them.

This was one of the few professional photos my mother had taken of herself, dated '43. I don't know the occasion, but knowing my parents, some photographer owed my father some money or a favor and did this for free. That's how it was back in the 1940s.

I thought, and still think, my mother was a beautiful lady.
Her personality and spirit matched her good looks, although she never thought she was good-looking. She was so wrong.
She always looked on the positive side. She was strong and intelligent.

She raised five children, worked in the family business, cleaned the house and sewed her own clothes to save the family money.
She never judged people by their religion or ethnic background and raised me and my siblings to feel the same. She always said that there was good and bad in everyone. "Find the good."

What can I say? You go through old photos and it brings up memories, some good, some bad.
This was a good one.

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