Thursday, February 07, 2013

Michael's Liquor Store, Sayville

Just had to write about my experience!
We just got off the plane from Florida, in time for the snow-storm apparently, and we shopped for dinner at Stop & Shop in Sayville. We stopped next door at Michael's Liquor Store for a bottle of Chardonnay to go with our evening's dinner.

My husband and I have been in this store, Michael's Liquors, more than once, and every time we thought that it was probably a bad idea.

The man and woman who work there are not friendly and sometimes even rude. Don't know if they are the owners or managers. The shop's prices are somewhat higher than other liquor stores in the area too. I know it's difficult for liquor stores to price competitively with the larger chains nearby, but a smile and good service would bring more people in to shop.

On this recent visit, after food shopping in the supermarket next door, we wanted a bottle of wine to go with our dinner. It was a Greg Norman $14 bottle, usually about $10-12 in other stores. We didn't mind paying extra for the convenience of being right there.

When we opened the bottle at home, the cork was dry and broke apart: not a good sign. We noticed the color of the wine was very dark, not usual for Chardonnay. Just one sip told us the wine went bad. Too rancid to drink, we covered the top and took it back with the receipt.

The owners/managers would not refund our money or give any credit or another bottle. They pointed to a sign on the counter that said, "ALL SALES FINAL!" They said it was the NY State law. Well, of course, I wouldn't expect them to take a bottle of liquor back and resell it, but this was bad wine. Shouldn't it have been dumped out and the bottle given back to the supplier for credit. Shouldn't we have been given credit or a replacement bottle of wine? We paid good money for something we had to throw out.

My husband and I could not believe the attitude of these people. It wasn't their fault  apparently. Bad merchandise, is our problem? Really?

What angered me even more was the woman said I should write to the wine company and they will send me "free wine"! Oh, so now I'll get free wine, like that was the reason I was there? No, I didn't want free wine, just credit for something I paid for and had to throw out. That attitude, too often seen in the general population, is that you do whatever you can in order to get something for free.
Well, I don't do that!

I will never walk into that store again!

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