Sunday, October 06, 2013

the Winslow Boy

I just have to comment on the play my husband and I saw yesterday. It was Roundabout's "The Winslow Boy." This is not a musical or a play for the tourist crowd. It is serious drama that kept us on the edge of our seats.

Why was this so good? First and foremost, the acting was excellent, so believable and real. I felt the pain of the mother and fear of the young boy. I became part of the family, happy one moment and angry the next. The story was based on true events in England. The English accents were excellent also and almost un-noticeable once the play started, a credit to the actors.

The story of a young boy accused of something, (no spoilers here), parents defending their child, siblings who are independent of the story and yet have stories of their own, an ailing parent, husband and wife relationship, occasional moments of humor, hints of romance, well developed character development- this play has it all. I thought that being a play of 2 3/4 hours would be too long, but it was over before I knew it. It was a rich story that I hated to see end. 

The period costumes, early 1900s, were beautiful and added to my enjoyment. Rich fabrics and elaborate hats of the time, were so gorgeous! 

I'm not a theatre critic but I know what I enjoy. There were no gimmicks, or special effects, just great acting! It's not often that I rave about a play, but this had to be the exception. I hope you get to see it!

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