Monday, January 02, 2017

New Year's Day Sunrise 2017

Indian River Park©

Happy New Year!

Since the year 2000 I have taken a photo of the sunrise welcoming the new year. 
This year was no different.
Some years were more difficult than others.
It all depended on how late I went to sleep on the Eve.
Some years, on Long Island or in Pennsylvania, it was extremely cold, so a sunrise image was not exactly what I wanted to do- but, I did it anyway.
I have friends who wait for the photo to be posted. Family will ask, "Are you setting the alarm?" 
I can't let them down, but most of all, I can't let myself down. 

Living in Florida makes it a little easier. No freezing temperatures to endure. Just throw on some shorts and sandals, a light shirt, and maybe a light jacket and I'm out the door. 
I must admit, sunrise in January is not really happening very early for me, but I must be there and ready long before the sun actually rises. 
The light just before sunrise can be even more important, and spectacular!

So this year I woke up at 5AM with just four hours of sleep, had only one cup of coffee, grabbed my camera gear and ventured out to the park near a body of water. 

Watching the sun rise, in solitude, with birds flying over the water, song birds chirping, watching the fish jump and herons hunting for their breakfast, is the real reason I do this.
It's the promise of a new day, new year, and I feel blessed!
How spiritually wonderful it feels to be part of nature and be able to witness the dawning of a another year. 

Mission accomplished! 

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