Saturday, January 05, 2019

First Sunrise 2019

My annual tradition, of viewing and recording the new year sunrise, continues.
Starting in the year 2000, I began taking a photo of every New Year's Day sunrise. 
Remember the Y2K panic, when we thought nothing would be the same if the computers couldn't figure out the new numbers? 
Sounds so ridiculous now, but it was discussed as a real threat back in 1999. 
It seems like yesterday, but that was 19 years ago!
...before smart phones, and Facebook, and well, you get the idea.

So I woke up and went down to the water, surprised to see so many other people, and I took a photo.
I had one of the first digital cameras, a point & shoot, where you saved the photo on a floppy disc in the camera and it was less than 1mp in size.
I thought it was really neat that so many people were down on the beach, watching the sunrise of the first day of a new year, and decided I would do it every year.

Now, I have friends who wait for my photo. I can't disappoint them or myself.
So, here is the sunrise January 1, 2019. 
I'm still alive, the world didn't end, and the sunrise is as beautiful as ever.
I'm very fortunate, I know, and will appreciate the new year as long as I can.
Happy New Year!

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