Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday, I'm back.....

Well, I never really left. I've just been busy. We've had company for the last week and have been running and entertaining.
My husband's brother and his wife came to New York for the first time from Indiana. Both were born in PA and moved to Indiana as young adults. Busy with work and raising a family, they never made the trip to NY before.
So, we were the tour directors and tried to show them some of Long Island and New York City.
I think we were successful!
I'll post some pictures of our adventures.
We went sailing one night, drove out to Orient Point through the North Fork wine country, went into Manhattan and saw Times Square, Rockerfella Center, then took a tour of NY Harbor by boat, barbequed on the beach here on Long Island, watched sunsets of course, and took a boat ride in the fog to see fireworks that we couldn't see.
It was very eventful and fun. I think my in-laws loved it!
See the photos below...

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