Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday evening...

Another sunset on the bay.
We took a boat ride after dinner. It was very warm and calm on the bay. Work crews left equipment at Barret Beach. Not sure what they will be doing...maybe dredging since it looks like the sand is winning the battle as usual.
We met some really nice people and since it is such a small world, found out the husband is the person who remodeled our kitchen and added the sunroom before we owned this house. Wow, it was the kitchen and sunroom that sold us.
They also warned us of the flies that were invading the ocean side of Fire Island. This happens sometimes due to the wind direction and hatching of those horrible flies that can bite something fierce. It doesn't happen often, but once or twice a summer is enough!
We sat on the bay side, watched the sunset, drank champagne and of course, I took pictures. Beautiful night!

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