Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two Seasons on Long Island

The Two Seasons
Long Island, New York has all four seasons. There is a change in seasons.
Above are two photos of the same tree, town of Sayville, by the bay.
Great South Bay.
The bare tree was photographed in early March. Still winter.
The other photo is recent. Taken yesterday, it shows this tree in early spring.
The winters are cold and summers hot. It rains in the spring and the fall is filled with color.
I love living here. People often ask me, now that I've retired, "Where will you move?"
I just tell them I'm staying here, on Long Island. I love it!
The summers and winters do not have the extreme temperature changes that are seen in other parts of the country. One reason is because we are surrounded by water.
The water is what keeps us "temperate" and I'm not leaving!

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Florian H. said...

What a wonderful comparison, I like those "before - after pictures", they show the mutability of nature, very nice shot!