Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Bugle Man

The Bugle Man by Alida's Photos
The Bugle Man, a photo by Alida's Photos on Flickr.
I thought the bugle sound to start the races was a recording, until I saw this guy. Cute tie, no?!
Have you been to Belmont recently? You can picnic right there on the grounds and even barbecue in the fenced picnic area that also has tables and umbrellas.
I recommend that you look into this for small parties and family gatherings, unless of course you can't control your gambling.
We met here with a group of Long Island photographers to socialize and take photos of the horses and races.
It was a great day!
I didn't lose a dime, but then I didn't bet any money either. In my opinion, I was the biggest winner.
Good friends, good food and just enough excitement!

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